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September 15 2015


Sunday Science Tidbit; Dewpoints vs Relative Humidity - WNCT (blog)

Hence the actual reason it feels therefore humid in the summertime. Whenever air temperature and dew points are close, you've a high relative humidity value. Throughout todays Sunday Science Tidbit, had been gong to explore why dew factors tell a better story when compared with relative humidity.

sst dewpoints

Dew factors indicate how much moisture is inside the air. In case you have a big distinction inside air and also dew point temperatures you have a low relative humidity value.

Information and Photos courtesy regarding atmo.arizona.edu, noaa.gov,atmos.uiuc.edu

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You could note that dew point lets you know much more about the method it will feel outside! Thats the reason youll call with your First Alert Weather Team use dew point maps!. Dew point is actually defined as the temperatures you'd have got to cool air to reach saturation. the higher your dew point, the more moisture a person have. While you cool the environment , moisture has in order to be removed whether inside the form of clouds, fog, or perhaps precipitation. The Actual dew point temperature will NEVER end up being higher than the Bonuses environment temperature.

Heres the situation using relative humidity:

Relative humidity truly offers some very complicated meteorological tips within it yet simply put, it actually is theratio associated with moisture inside the air versus what it could hold. Illustration 1:

Air temperature: 85 F

Dew point: 65 article source F

Relative humidity: 51%

*More moisture in the air // feeling humid

candice head shot

sst dewpoints example

Example 2:

~ Meteorologist Candice Boling

Air temperature: 30 F

Dew point: 30 F

Relative Humidity: 100%

*Not a lot moisture in the air // very dry air!

Humid circumstances are generally nothing new within Eastern North Carolina.Meteorologists tend to show dew factors rather than relative humidity graphicto demonstrate how humid it is

March 28 2015


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March 24 2015


Sink Flange Caulk Instead Of Plumbers Putty Sclient Psy


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